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Formal dress: If the wedding is formal, a classic pair of black dress shoes is the best choice to wear with a tuxedo Your shoe choice should be somewhat dictated by how formal or informal the event is.. For a less formal ceremony, you can relax your style a little and choose dress oxfords in brown, grey or tan. Women spend a lot of time thinking about what they are going to wear and have plenty of advisor's to help them.The right suit can make the grooms body look great especially if he is trying to hide some of his previous sins. For example to disguise a short thick neck choose a jacket with higher Nehru style collar. To add balance, try wearing darker shades on top with lighter trousers.

Choosing color for body: You should look for an outfit which has long vertical clean lines to lengthen and slim the body. Even though the tradition is to wear light colors it is not necessary. Bold colors, horizontal stripes and plaids exaggerate the problem whereas darker shades help conceal the curves. Dress shoes are traditionally black, especially for formal occasions. Modern weddings, however, offer quite a bit of leeway on the matter. Brown, navy, tan and even red dress shoes are becoming more popular, especially for the groom who wants something different.

Shoes and suits: Height Shorter men tend to be small all over, avoid wearing clothes which completely swamp you, go for clothes which are fitted and give you height. Slim cut suits with a simple design are the perfect look. You’ll likely be wearing your shoes for several hours on the big day, especially if you're the groom. This means that you'll want them to be comfortable. Make sure the shoes you choose fit comfortably from the toe to the heel. Your toes shouldn't touch the front of the shoe, and the heel shouldn't slip.

Be patient : This honest opinion of yourself will give you an idea as to what kind of look to go for. Don’t make rash decisions on what to buy. You want to look your best and be Prince Charming so take your time to assess yourself and make a collection of clothing pictures you like from magazines and the internet.

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